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Get Cheap Custom Lapel Pins from the Leading Suppliers

Lapel pins have their own significance in business world, as they have in other areas like education, event management, military... In business world, they are known as business pins. These pins are used differently as per the requirements of an occasion. Companies make their use to recognize the achievements of their performing employees. They offer these pins to the best performers as a souvenir of their contribution to the growth of the organization. These pins are used in corporate events as identity pins. Several companies provide these pins to their employees as identity cards. In simple terms, they are multipurpose and become adaptable as per the demand of the situation.


If you are here on this page, this is definite that you understand their significance and are looking for these pins. Whether you are looking for employee recognition pins, discount lapel pins, corporate pins, or promotional lapel pins, we would proudly say you have reached the right place here. We are able to cater your all needs in a very professional manner. We are able to provide quality lapel pins at most reasonable prices. The best thing is that we can provide customized lapel pins as per your various needs.


Looking for name tags to represent your brand, a badge to show support for a cause or custom keychains to give away to customers? My Lapel Pin are your go-to lapel pins suppliers with a broad range of products to browse online and free, no obligation quotes available. key chains 01

We work with clients to create personalised products for a number of purposes, including:

  • Employee and member identification
  • Awards and achievements
  • Conventions, seminars, conferences, trade shows
  • Graduation
  • Representing sport teams
  • Building corporate identity
  • Charities and fundraising
  • Product branding

Expert manufacturers with a variety of different methods

Soft enamel: Using the die struck process, soft enamel paint is heated at a low temperature with colours separated by raised metal edges. Can be used with aluminium, brass, zinc alloy or iron with a subtle 3D effect on the surface.


Hard enamel: Not unlike soft enamel, our hard enamel designs use a similar process but have a smoother and flatter surface. The material is baked at a higher heat resulting in a hard and durable surface.


Die struck: This is the basic technique involved in both hard and soft enamel pins, but can be made without the colours to achieve a different appearance and a minor 3D effect. The surface is sanded to create contrast and can have sections cut out as part of the design, with plated metal also available.soft enamel lapel pins 01


Die cast: This is the preferable method when a significant 3D effect is desired on custom pins. Die cast is ideal for medals, challenge coins and other awards for its durability and aesthetical benefits, and can have soft enamel paint applied to recessed areas if desired.


Etching: Similar to soft enamel, etching involves designs being engraved onto a thin brass or aluminium base. A perfect option for dog tags, name badges and larger designs.


Printed: Our pin manufacturers offer both silk screen and offset printing for a cost effective solution without sacrifice on durability. This style is perfect for complicated images and designs that use gradient colours.


No minimum quantity required for your order!

While we work as lapel pins manufacturers for large-scale organisations such as HSBC, McDonalds and the Hong Kong Government, we also have a huge number of clients seeking small or once-off orders. For this reason, we offer out custom lapel pins for cheap with no minimum order quantity so that you can get the products you need without spending a fortune. We offer flag pins, dog tags, tie clips, cuff links and badges long with pins for nursing, awards, schools, trading and the military.

To find out more, fill in our contact form or give us a call on 852-2139 7310 to speak with our friendly team.


What are you thinking then? Do not waste your time in thinking unnecessarily, but reach us immediately to discuss your all requirements with us. Our expert team is waiting for your order to serve your needs. Our team is highly qualified and has already worked over plenty of projects, so you need not worry about their capabilities.


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  • Expert professionals with years of practical experience
  • Guarantee of high quality business pins
  • Affordable Price
  • Fast delivery
  • Appreciated by most of our customers

Do not hide your doubts in your heart and leave this unmatched service because of some unreasonable thoughts that do not make any sense, but tell us themt so that we can clear the clouds and make the sky clear.


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